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Scott Kirst


College?  UW-Green Bay
Hometown?  Port Washington, WI
Favorite Sport? Why?  Football because I grew up playing it and I love the sound of pads hitting each other, especially on big hits.
Favorite Team?  Wisconsin Badgers
Favorite Athlete?  Aaron Rodgers
Most memorable sports moment?  Either seeing the Matt Schabert pass to Lee Evans to beat Ohio State the year after they won the National Championship at Camp Randall, or the Badgers defeating #1 Ohio State in 2010 at Camp Randall.
Favorite thing about sports?  The competition
If you could change one thing/rule about any league, what would you change?  All rules pertaining to protecting players in football. If it's too violent for you, don't play the game. They get paid more than enough to take the punishment. Also, not being allowed to use props to celebrate touchdowns.
If you could live the life of one pro athlete for a day, whose life would you choose?  Aaron Rodgers, so I could go on a date with Miss Wisconisin/America.
Years in broadcast?  2+
First job? First job in the business?  Working the snack shack at our local swimming pool. I had a very brief stint with WIBA and WTSO in Madison.
First, or best, childhood sports memory?  In high school while I was playing football, I was in on defense for a 2-point conversion attempt by the other team. Prior to the snap, I didn't realize they were going for 2 and lined up in the gap between the center and right guard. I was able to get into the backfield very quickly, got a hand on the back of the running back's jersey, and whipped him back for the tackle, stopping the conversion. What I didn't know until after the play was that my brother, while I had the runner by the back of the jersey, was on his way to level the running back with a big hit, until I pulled the runner away and he completely whiffed. We still laugh and talk about that play now and then. Good memory.
Favorite non-sport related activity?  Doing something with friends.
Favorite Madison spot?  Camp Randall
Nickname? Origin of nickname?  Scotty, Scooter, Scooty, Kirst, Kirsty. My freshman year of high school I was known by the upperclassmen in my study hall classroom as New Guy. My freshman year of college I pretty much heard, "Scotty doesn't know!" from the movie Eurotrip from people pretty much on a daily basis.
Advice to listeners?  Listen to us