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Jennings' barbs earn him a talking-to

Jul 27, 2013 -- 2:19pm
Photo/USA Today 
Greg Jennings is in Mankato with the Vikings, and his boss would like a word with him.

GREEN BAY – While Aaron Rodgers didn’t have anything to say Friday about ex-teammate Greg Jennings’ criticism of him, Jennings’ new boss, Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, has a few things he wants to tell the ex-Green Bay Packers wideout.

Frazier tells NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert that he intends to tell Jennings to knock it off.

“That’s not something that we’re high on, and he and I are going to talk before we practice today,” Frazier told Seifert on Saturday morning. ”I’ve got to grab him. That’s not how we do things We’ll talk.  We’re going to talk about it.  He has strong feelings regarding his former team, and that’s good.  But there is a way to get that communicated, and we’ve got to sit down and he and I have got to talk a little bit.”

In an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jennings questioned Rodgers leadership and intimated that he is selfish and not a team-first player. Rodgers, for his part, blew off the topic when asked about it Friday. After speaking out strongly on his friend Ryan Braun lying to him about the Milwaukee Brewers star’s performance-enhancing drug use, Rodgers didn’t want to add any fuel to the Jennings debate.

“Like I said last year when there were some comments kind of like this,” Rodgers said, referring to Tweets from the agent for tight end Jermichael Finley and Jennings’ sister. “I’ve got a responsibility to the guys in this locker room and the fans. And at this point, I don’t really have a whole lot of time or energy to spend worrying about things that are said outside the building. I know those are stories for you guys, but personally, I’m focused on this team. You hear about them, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time or energy on them.”

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