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Be quick, but don't hurry

Nov 29, 2011 -- 12:16am

I recently had reason to use one of my many favorite John Wooden quotes in a story about Packers rookie return man Randall Cobb.

Be quick, but don't hurry, the legendary UCLA basketball coach famously said.

Sydney apparently isn’t as into The Wizard of Westwood’s wisdom as her dad.

Two nights ago, after eight months of relative inactivity – well, inactive compared to her wild and crazy sister – Sydney not only crawled for the first time, she also stood up unaided and took her first step.

I figure she’ll be running the 40-yard dash by week’s end.

As I have said before, I am fascinated by the way children develop various skills at different rates. Madison was an early walker (8 1/2 months) but she started walking with help at 6 months. Sydney, until a couple weeks ago, had no interest in crawling, but any chance she got she would try to pull herself up by using the nearest person – Mom, Dad, Madison, a neighbor girl – for leverage.

Still, I expected it to be awhile before she made any attempt at walking or was able to keep her balance long enough to stand unaided, given that virtually every kid crawls before he/she can walk. (You have to crawl before you can walk wouldn’t be a cliché otherwise, right?) And then, suddenly, Syd decided she wanted to try to reach all those developmental accomplishments in one evening.

She also discovered that her tongue exists, but that’s another post (and another video) for another day. Unlike Sydney, I want to pace myself.

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