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Rodgers: 'I can appreciate a good practical joke'

Aug 28, 2012 -- 1:43pm
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GREEN BAY – Aaron Rodgers began his second attempt at this week’s press briefing on Tuesday a bit wary. The Green Bay Packers quarterback looked around, making sure the coast was clear and no shaving cream pies were about to be delivered.

While Rodgers initially seemed ticked off on Monday when fullback John Kuhn got him with a faceful of shaving cream, Rodgers said Tuesday – after double-checking that Kuhn wasn’t lurking – that he appreciated the prank.

He’s also plotting his revenge – against Kuhn and long-snapper Brett Goode, who’s usually his ally but in this instance helped Kuhn.

“You know what? I can appreciate a good practical joke. I think in order to be someone who enjoys doing those things, you have to know at some point it’s going to come back to you,” Rodgers said. “I didn’t expect my old partner Brett Goode to be a part of that. He was kind of distracting me in the back and taking my attention over there, while John snuck around and got by JB (PR man Jonathan Butnick) and got me in the face. But I respect the prank.”

That said, Kuhn, who was not in the locker room during media access and thus didn’t get to publicly boast about his accomplishment, better be on the lookout.

“They’ve got to understand when they do it to me, it’s going to come back probably twice as hard,” Rodgers said. “But good pranks are always appreciated.”

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