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Divine intervention?

Sep 13, 2011 -- 10:37pm

GREEN BAY – Not only can’t Shawn Slocum argue with the results, but after hearing why Randall Cobb brought the ball out of the end zone on his record-setting 108-yard kickoff return in last Thursday night’s win over New Orleans, he was downright speechless.

In case you missed it, this is how Cobb explained after the game why he returned the kick after catching it 8 yards deep in the end zone: “Just trust in God. He told me to bring it out. I’m not supposed to bring that out. I’m not. And you know some things just are illogical and some other things are just the power of God. That was the power of God. He told me to bring it out. He gave me the great teammates to help block down field, and we just made it happen.”

Informed of the divine intervention, Slocum chuckled.

“He didn’t express that to me,” Slocum said. “That’s a pretty powerful factor.”

Asked if the word of the Man Upstairs supersedes his word or coach Mike McCarthy’s word, Slocum replied, “I’m staying out of that discussion.”

In his press conference on Monday, McCarthy made it clear that Cobb’s decision did not fall in a “gray area,” as the coaches had said a bright line exists 5 yards deep in the end zone.

“You’re always coaching the gray area,” McCarthy said. “I always believe that you have to be proactive in your adjustments. Anybody can coach after the game or anybody can coach Monday morning. That was a minus decision. We spent a lot of time on base rules, base adjustments, of coaching the gray area. Eight yards deep is not gray. That’s something you learn from and you take them through where is the line of making it gray when you bring it out and when you don’t.

“We’re thinking 5 yards deep, but the flight of the ball has a lot to do with it, too. But you just continue to coach through those types of situations to make sure the players are being decisive and making good decisions that put all 11 players on the field on that particular play in sync.”

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