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Hawk: 'I'm stupid' for gesture

Oct 16, 2011 -- 8:23pm

GREEN BAY – A.J. Hawk genuinely felt bad. And, well, foolish.

“I’m stupid. I don’t even realize sometimes when I'm out there that anyone’s out there; the TVs or anything,” the Green Bay Packers veteran inside linebacker said. “I know it got caught on TV.”

“It” was his middle-finger celebration after his sack of St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford in Sunday’s 24-3 victory at Lambeau Field. Hawk said afterward that the obscene gesture, which was captured by FOX Sports cameras, wasn’t intended to be anything more than an inside joke for his teammates. That’s why he directed it at his own sideline.

“It’s kind of been a running joke with some of my teammates. There was no anger or malice or anything,” Hawk explained after the Packers’ 24-3 victory over the Rams Sunday. “It was a joke and I kind of got caught up in the emotions of the game. I definitely apologize if any kids or anyone else saw it. I have a daughter myself so I wouldn’t want her doing that. I got excited and got caught up in the game and it was just a bad joke. I definitely won’t do it again.”

Hawk can expect a fine from the NFL office for his moment of bad judgment.

“I hope not, but we’ll see,” Hawk said.

The sack was Hawk’s first full sack of the season and gave him 10.5 for his career. He joked that he doesn’t have a signature sack celebration like his teammate, Clay Matthews.

“Obviously today didn’t help,” he said.

Said Matthews, who had a sack of his own later in the game: “Maybe I’ll teach him how to celebrate a little bit, and we’ll work on something. It is what it is. He got a sack. Good for him.”

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