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Flynn to Fins? Rodgers thinks so

Jan 25, 2012 -- 8:10pm

GREEN BAY – Aaron Rodgers doesn’t know for certain, but if he were a betting man, the Green Bay Packers quarterback would wager that his backup, free agent-to-be Matt Flynn, ends up with the Miami Dolphins and their new head coach, ex-Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.

Speaking on his weekly radio show on ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Madison, Rodgers said Wednesday that he has talked to both Philbin and Flynn and he thinks it’s “a strong possibility” that Flynn will be taking his talents to South Beach.

“I’ve gotten to talk to Joe. I’m very happy for him,” Rodgers said from Hawaii, where he’ll start at quarterback for the NFC in Sunday’s Pro Bowl. “We talked before I left town (following the Packers’ NFC Divisional Playoff loss to the New York Giants), and at the time wasn’t sure if he was still in the running with that job, or he would go and interview somewhere else, or even if he felt like he wanted to move after what had happened the previous week (with the death of his son, Michael).

“But I couldn’t be happier for him. Joe is a great man of integrity and high character and he deserves the opportunity to lead a team like that. I have no doubts of his coaching abilities, his teaching abilities, his ability to control a room, and I’m really excited for his opportunity.

“I have also talked to Matt Flynn in the past few days. I think it’s a strong possibility that (the Dolphins) would make a run at him. I think it makes sense, (with) Joe and that system, which I’m sure is going to be very similar to this system, and Matt having a great grasp of that, and playing well in his recent opportunities. I think it would make sense to bring Matt out there.”

Rodgers also hedged his bet slightly by suggesting that the Seattle Seahawks – the team whose general manager, John Schneider, is a former Packers executive who was on GM Ted Thompson’s staff when the Packers drafted Flynn in the seventh round in 2008 – might also pursue his friend. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Flynn has to go to a team with former Packers staffers in their power structure to be successful.

“I think with a talent like Matt he would have success in just about any offense you plug him into, but I think you could see a little bit more immediate success in an offense that he’s very familiar with,” Rodgers said. “So I think you have to look at Miami obviously, (or) Seattle. John Schneider knows Matt and he’s pulling some strings up there with them. I think that would be an opportunity for him up there. Those are probably my opinions of the two top dogs that would go after him, but I think there’s got to be five or six teams who should legitimately take a look at Matt and see him as being an immediate improvement over what they have at quarterback.”

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