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Rodgers hoping for veteran QB coach

Feb 07, 2012 -- 9:25pm
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GREEN BAY – Aaron Rodgers likes Ben McAdoo, but if new offensive coordinator Tom Clements is going to give up his position coaching and the Green Bay Packers hire a new quarterbacks coach, Rodgers is hoping it’ll be someone with experience both playing the position at the NFL level and coaching it.

Speaking on the season finale of his weekly radio show on ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Madison Tuesday, Rodgers called McAdoo, who is currently the Packers’ tight ends coach, a “very talented coach” but said McAdoo doesn’t have the background he’d prefer.

NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora reported earlier Tuesday that the Packers had blocked McAdoo from interviewing for offensive coordinator jobs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins, and Packers coach Mike McCarthy has shuffled staff responsibilities in the past, having moved running backs coach Edgar Bennett to wide receivers and assistant offensive line coach Jerry Fontenot to running backs last year.

“I think that’s an interesting conversation I hope I’m in the loop for,” Rodgers said of the hiring of a new quarterbacks coach. “Because going into my eighth season, it’ll be interesting to see what direction (McCarthy) wants to go in, if he wants to bring in a former quarterback with experience to kind of help me with my transition into the middle part of my career, being more of an established player in the league now.

“I’m not sure what the dynamic would be with a coach who hasn’t coached the (quarterback) position before. But Ben is a very talented coach and if they do make that decision I’m sure he’ll make a very smooth transition.”

As for his relationship with Clements, whom Rodgers credited during his time on NBC’s pregame show before Super Bowl XLVI as the person who has had the most influence on his career, Rodgers said he hopes the two can be as close even if Clements doesn’t retain the responsibility of coaching quarterbacks as coordinator.

“I haven’t been told what his day-to-day routine will be. Because it looks like it’s just going to be one offensive coordinator – not like a passing coordinator and a run coordinator – I would assume that he would take full coordinator responsibilities and not be the day-to-day quarterback coach. Which, to be honest, it saddens me,” Rodgers said.

“I enjoyed our six years of spending every working day together and his relationship means a lot to me. I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. That being said, our friendship and closeness is not going to go anywhere, it’s just going to have to take on a new dynamic and I’ll look forward to whomever they bring in as the new quarterback coach.

Another possible candidate for the job would be CBS analyst Rich Gannon, a former NFL MVP who is good friends with McCarthy and who serves as color analyst for the Packers’ preseason game TV broadcasts.

“We have a very good relationship. I have a lot of respect for Rich,” Rodgers said. “That would be something that I was kind of talking about when you look at a guy who’s played in the league for a long time and can help with the transition into kind of the middle stages of a career – as Rich really didn’t become a starter until he was kind of in his sixth, seventh, eighth year and had a lot of success after he turned 30.”

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