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Hawk's good hair 'do'

Mar 08, 2012 -- 12:49pm

GREEN BAY – A.J. Hawk had been considering a long-overdue haircut for awhile,

“I’d been thinking about cutting my hair for, honestly, a year and a half, two years,” Hawk said Thursday during an appearance on Green & Gold Today. “I just felt like it was kind of time for me. I was kind of sick of having long hair.”

And now, Hawk is helping sick kids with the hair he no longer wanted.

Working in conjunction with Wigs for Kids, a charity that provides wigs for children who lose their hair due to medical treatments and other conditions, Hawk has started Hawk’s Locks for Kids. He is now working with the Ohio-based charity to promote the cause and will be launching fundraising efforts during the offseason.

“I started getting more serious about (a haircut) the last couple months, and my wife (Laura) actually had the idea,” Hawk explained. “They came up with the name, ‘Hawk’s Locks for Kids’ – I think it has a good little ring to it.

“I just decided this past Saturday to go get my haircut, boxed up the hair and sent it to them. And now we’re having an event here in Ohio in June to try and raise some money and (collect) some hair so we can make some wigs for kids with not just cancer, but burn victims. It kind of took off. I had no idea the response we’d get. People are anxious to help.”

Hawk arrived as the Packers’ first-round pick (No. 5 overall) in the 2006 NFL Draft and had long hair throughout his college career at Ohio State. He joked that his freshman picture with the Buckeyes with “a crew cut like I was in the military.”

Hawk said when he met Laura, who is the sister of Denver Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn, he already had long hair, so she’d never seen him with short hair except in photos. The couple’s 15-month-old daughter Lennon sat on her dad’s lap for the haircut, “So the good thing is, she still knows me.”

Hawk said the endeavor picked up steam so quickly that he wasn’t prepared for the number of people willing to help. A website is under construction and he and Laura are starting to plan fundraising events now.

“The response we’ve gotten already has been awesome,” Hawk said. It’s a pretty cool thing. I really didn’t expect anything like this. We weren’t really prepared for the volume of people who wanted to help.”

To send a financial contribution, Hawk gave the following address: 4890 Blazer Parkway #B, Dublin, OH 43017. Or, contact Wigs for Kids for further information.

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