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Finley returns from concussion

Jul 31, 2012 -- 2:09pm
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GREEN BAY – Jermichael Finley has had a concussion before. He’s not entirely sure what he had last week qualified.

That said, the Green Bay Packers tight end said Tuesday he was thankful that the team’s training staff pulled him out of practice and put him through the requisite concussion protocols after he hurt himself during Thursday’s camp-opening practice.

Finley, who returned to practice for non-contact work on Monday and was back in full pads and fully cleared for work on Tuesday, went down while running a pass pattern in Thursday’s practice, not because of contact with another player.

“I had run a 10-yard comeback route, and slipped,” Finley said. “My helmet came off and I busted my chin on the ground.”

That’s not what happened to him when he was in college at Texas, though, when he absorbed a huge hit and was diagnosed with his only previous concussion.

“It wasn’t nowhere near like this. The one I had in college, I didn’t know nothing. This was pretty mild,” he said. “I don’t know if it was (really) a concussion. I appreciate the Packers and the training staff looking out for me and pulling me out.”

Finley went through all the testing and spent Friday and Saturday’s practices resting. He also joked about how hard some of the post-concussion tests were.

“I told the guys, ‘If I was sober right now I couldn’t do this. What kind of test is this?’ he said. “But I went through multiple tests and did well. … It’s not frustrating at all. All the props to the training staff here for pulling me out. There’s tons of lawsuits going around with concussions, so it was good looking by the Packers training staff.”

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