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O'Brien will have access to UW plays

Mar 31, 2012 -- 1:59pm

O'Brien can virtually access UW playbook


MADISON – Because Danny O’Brien is currently locked in to his academic duties at Maryland he is unable to secure a physical copy of Wisconsin offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s playbook.

NCAA rules prohibit such action. No player not currently on the UW roster can receive a playbook. That means O’Brien won’t be able to collect his playbook until he enrolls at UW and settles in for fall camp.

He can, however, perform his due diligence in a virtual manner.

“We have a video playbook that is acceptable 24/ 7,” Bielema said. “Everybody does. It’s all the plays we’ve ever ran on film. You go up and do independent film study at any time. There are no restrictions. We just can’t line it up and we can’t be in the room with him.”

So O’Brien can study all the plays Wisconsin has run as long as he doesn’t come in contact with any coaching during his time learning plays or tendencies. He can take the onus of learning UW’s playbook whenever he wants, even while he’s still enrolled at Maryland.

“Really, over the last 10 years since the birth of ‘X and O’s’ and advanced filming,” Bielema, in reference to the new trend, said. “It’s not a playbook anymore.”

Several NFL teams, starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have done away with the traditional playbook. Instead, they opt for iPads. Bielema, though proposed that idea, isn’t ready to head down that route.

“There are a lot of schools and a lot of NFL organizations that have gone to that,” Bielema said. “I’m not in that iPad world yet. I’ve still got to have that little binder.”

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