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Jul 30, 2011 -- 2:04pm

Not a fond farewell

GREEN BAY – Mike McCarthy admitted that it was hard to say goodbye to veteran players like Mark Tauscher, who was among seven players the Green Bay packers cut Friday.

It was even harder for the head coach, who didn’t get to see them face-to-face because his wife, Jessica, went into labor on Thursday, preventing him from being at Lambeau Field when Tauscher was informed of his release.

 “That’s the hardest part of the business,” McCarthy said. “With my personal situation, I didn’t get to say goodbye to those guys in person so I didn’t feel good about that.”

McCarthy also acknowledged that the team didn’t properly fete players like Tauscher and Nick Barnett, who spent a combined 19 years with the club.

“I don’t think anybody really liked the way it came down. We really didn’t get to appropriately acknowledge the way we would have liked to remember those guys,” McCarthy said. “It’s a part of our business. The guys that played a lot of football here are excellent representatives of the Green Bay Packers.”

Running back Ryan Grant, who was considered by some to be in danger of being released, was never in fact in such peril. The team paid him $1.25 million in roster and workout bonus money, assuring his presence on the roster.

Still, Grant said the release of Tauscher and Barnett show how fleeting NFL employment is.

“It’s hard when you look at the guys we lost because of what those guys meant to this team role-wise and the roles they played in the locker room and on the field. But that’s the nature of what we do,” Grant said.

Grant said the Brett Favre situation of 2008 goes to show that no one is irreplaceable.

“Evidently, they still think I’m important to what goes on, that I can still get it done,” Grant said. “(But) if they can do it to somebody that we don’t speak of, they can do it to anybody in this league.”

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