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Bohannon's Twitter push works, Obama visits Badgers

Oct 04, 2012 -- 2:12pm


MADISON – Capped by one celebratory tweet, Wisconsin junior forward Zach Bohannon’s persistence to make the most of President Barack Obama’s visit to Madison has paid off.

In fact, for members of the Wisconsin basketball team the president’s visit will be of the once-in-a-lifetime variety.

“We might not get to play pickup,” Bohannon tweeted. “But our team gets to meet THE MR. PRESIDENT (@BarackObama)!!!”

Bohannon originally opened his campaign with a rather innocuous invitation (via Twitter) to the nation’s 44th president to play pickup basketball with the 2012 Wisconsin Badgers.

“Mr. President, Sir, the Kohl Center is only 2 blocks from ur speech,” Bohannon tweeted. “I’m sure u can squeeze quick pick-up game in ur schedule! @BarackObama.”

From there it snowballed as hundreds of followers retweeted Bohannon’s quest, local media outlets picked it up and confirmation was received.

A span of 77 tweets (not including retweets), aimed directly at media outlets, media personalities, White House staffers, First Lady Michelle Obama, Oregon State head coach Craig Robinson (brother of Mrs. Obama) and even Barack Obama’s official Twitter handle, helped generate enough momentum for this long shot to become a reality.

“Just got done going thru security,” Patrick Herb, UW’s men’s basketball sports information director, tweeted. “This is happening. #Badgers and @BarackObama.”

Persistence pays off. 

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