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Suh's stomp a thing of the past ... maybe

Nov 12, 2012 -- 3:51pm
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GREEN BAY – Evan Dietrich-Smith just wants to move on. Josh Sitton? He couldn’t help himself.

With the Green Bay Packers facing the Detroit Lions Sunday at Ford Field – where, the last time the two teams met, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh infamously tried to stomp on Dietrich-Smith at the end of a play on Thanksgiving – the subject of Suh and the stomp was on the minds of the media corps Monday.

Dietrich-Smith did his best to diffuse such talk immediately.

“I don’t even think about it anymore. I think writers and stuff try to make more about it than it was, but it’s not really on my mind,” Dietrich-Smith said, in an answer he would repeat several times.

For those who’ve forgotten, Dietrich-Smith was filling in for an injured Sitton last year when Suh became enraged at the end of a play and tried to step on Dietrich-Smith after first pushing his head into the Ford Field turf. The story took on a life of its own after that. It became ridiculous when ex-Packers player Matt Brock, an old teammate of Packers offensive line coach James Campen, jokingly claimed in a radio interview that Suh was angry because the Packers were untying his shoelaces after plays.

Before the teams met again in last year’s regular-season finale, Dietrich-Smith tried to downplay the rematch and revealed that Suh actually called him and apologized.

But while Sitton tried to toe the party line on the Suh issue Monday, he couldn’t quite pull it off.

“That’s something that’s in the past. We can’t really think about anything that’s gone on in the past,” Sitton said. Then, a pause.

“He just better not stomp me.”

Sitton actually said he enjoys going up against Suh, saying, "It’s a fun matchup, man. We always go out there and play hard against each other. It’s one of those grind-out days. It’s a battle all day. You don’t ever take any plays off in this leageue, but with this battle, it’s a 100 percent battle every play. It’s a fun battle, it’s why you play the game. You look forward to games like this. It’s a fun thing."

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