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Taylor has an ally in Cardinals' Johnson

Nov 15, 2012 -- 4:02pm
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GREEN BAY – Ryan Taylor isn’t on Twitter, but he might want to point to a few of Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson’s posts when the NFL hears his appeal for the $21,000 fine the league handed down last week for his block on Johnson on Nov. 4.

The Green Bay Packers second-year tight end is appealing the fine, which came as the result of his block on Johnson on a Randall Cobb punt return early in the first quarter of the Packers’ 31-17 victory. Johnson, who was fined the exact same amount for roughly the same alleged violation the week before, when the league determined he’d committed an illegal blindside block on Minnesota’s John Carlson, is appealing his fine as well.

On Twitter, Johnson (@49foyamind49) said he had no issue with Taylor’s block on him and that he hopes Taylor wins his appeal, just as Johnson hopes he wins his own.

“Hopefully he can get it appealed (like) I did mine (on Tuesday),” Johnson wrote. “Hoping for the best when they get (back to) me.”

As for the hit itself, Johnson wrote that he thought it was simply “a football play” and that the only reason he wondered why no flag had been thrown was because he’d been flagged – and then fined – for such a similar play seven days earlier.

Taylor spoke at length about the fine on Wednesday, and special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum chimed in on Thursday.

“Here’s our situation: We’ve got a great game here. Player safety’s at the forefront now, and we have to play within the rules,” Slocum said. “We need to do a good job understanding the rules, the league needs to do a good job educating everybody involved. We’re going to move forward.

“I felt like the block was a good block. It’s not completely resolved at this time, and I think it’s a course of action that’s going to continue, and we’ll see how it turns out. This is a physical game played by physical men and it will always be that way. Or, if it changes, it won’t be what the NFL is now. It’s important that we train within the rules and play within the rules and that’s all we can do. We’ll move on, Ryan Taylor will move on and we’ll go play good football.”

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