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Driver leaning toward playing in 2013

Dec 23, 2012 -- 7:41pm
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Donald Driver wants to keep playing, even if it's elsewhere.

GREEN BAY – Donald Driver doesn’t know what the future holds, but the Green Bay Packers all-time leading receiver is pretty sure he isn’t going to be retiring after the season.

He may not be playing for the franchise he’s spent 14 years with and come to embody, but Driver didn’t sound like a guy who plans on hanging it up despite an extremely limited role this season. Driver played only a handful of snaps during Sunday’s 55-7 victory over the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field, and he finished with zero receptions. He was targeted for one pass, thrown by backup Graham Harrell in the fourth quarter.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s hard to say how I’m feeling,” said Driver, who has caught eight passes for 77 yards and two touchdowns this season. “It’s going to come to an end. Who knows when it’s going to be. I’ve got (at least) one playoff game at home, in front of the home crowd. I’m hoping for the best. That’s what I have to hope for.”

Asked if he and his wife, Betina, have talked about their plans for next season, Driver replied, “We’ve talked about it. We just haven’t made a final decision. I think the thing for us is, I don’t feel like I can’t play. So you want to continue to play as long as you can.”

Asked if he’s then leaning toward playing next season, Driver replied, “Of course. That’s always been my goal.”

There’s no doubting how beloved Driver is among Packers fans. The crowd cheered when he went into the game during the fourth quarter, and when the Lambeau Field scoreboard scrolled through a variety of pre-taped holiday wishes from players, the only one that resulted in fans cheering was – you guessed it – Driver’s.

“I think it’s always special,” Driver said. “Every time I step on the field and walk out of that tunnel, it means everything to me.”

Driver signed a one-year deal when he restructured this offseason, meaning he’ll be a free agent after the season.

Asked if he was confident the fans would still love him even if he played in 2013 with another team, Driver replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know. The biggest thing for me is I have to cross that road. We’re just happy to be in the playoffs. I’m glad the season went the way it went. Early on, the first five weeks, it wasn’t going as good. I think now, guys are coming in, guys are making plays that should be making plays, and that’s what it’s all about.”

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