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Thompson on Dorsey: 'He could do whatever'

Jan 04, 2013 -- 1:53pm
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John Dorsey, left, has been working in the Packers' draft room for more than two decades.

GREEN BAY – If the Green Bay Packers are going to lose director of football operations John Dorsey – multiple reports have the longtime Packers personnel man likely headed to the Kansas City Chiefs to run that team’s personnel department for soon-to-be new head coach Andy Reid – general manager Ted Thompson will do the same thing in his front office that he does with his players: Develop from within.

Famous for his draft-and-develop philosophy with players, Thompson said in a phone interview Friday morning that he believes in the same approach with his personnel lieutenants.

“We do. We do believe in developing our own,” Thompson said. “It’s something that (retired GM) Ron (Wolf) did very successfully, as you well know. I try to stay pretty close to Ron’s way of thinking as much as I can. We’re all different a little bit. But that’s the way he tried to do things, and that‘s the way we try to do things. It’s good to be able to hire people and let them work within the system and let them grow and expand. I’m very proud of the guys we have had here (who left), and we’re proud of the guys we still have here.”

If Dorsey leaves, he’d be the third Thompson confidant/staffer in 36 months to leave to run his own personnel department. John Schneider left in January 2010 to become general manager of the Seattle Seahawks with coach Pete Carroll; Reggie McKenzie left in January 2012 to become general manager of the Oakland Raiders, later hiring Dennis Allen as his coach.

Dorsey is also reportedly set to interview for the vacant New York Jets GM job.

“John’s a very talented guy. He could do whatever would be asked,” Thompson said. “Outside of that, I’m not going to critique, ‘This guy can do this, this guy can do that.’ If they’re working here, and especially in John’s case, he’s been trained by Ron, he’s worked with us, he has a lot of experience and talent.

“I think the system is the system, and it’s built so you have people that are cross-trained. We do a lot of that. That’s the way we do our draft prep, that’s the way we do our free-agent prep. Everybody is involved in it, whether they’re on the college side or the pro side. But at the same time, while you’re very happen when guys get opportunities – and well-deserved opportunities – I think it’s natural to think, ‘It’d be nice if you could keep ‘em all together.’ It just doesn’t work out that way. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.”

It’s unclear how the Chiefs’ power structure would work if Dorsey and Reid do join forces, although NFL expert Adam Caplan, who has covered Reid, reported that, “Unless Dorsey doesn't interview well or Reid has a change of heart, Dorsey is expected to join Chiefs personnel staff in coming days.” Caplan also reported that the two “have a very strong relationship. Reid has sought his opinion on several players for (years), according to multiple sources.”

Asked if a team would have to ask the Packers for permission to interview Dorsey, Thompson replied, “Yes. Hypothetically, a team would. And that’s all you’re going to get from me on that.”

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