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Rodgers gives Matthews words of TV advice

Jan 29, 2013 -- 11:41pm
Screen capture/NBC Sports 
Aaron Rodgers worked last year's Super Bowl as part of NBC's pregame coverage.

GREEN BAY – While Aaron Rodgers may indeed have been sensitive about the way CBS portrayed him on 60 Minutes – and less than thrilled with what he considered to be uninformed criticism by CBS NFL analyst Shannon Sharpe on The NFL Today – the Green Bay Packers quarterback said Tuesday that he was never asked to be part of the Super Bowl XLVII pregame coverage from New Orleans.

“They did not (approach me),” Rodgers said of the network broadcasting the game.

The CBS pregame festivities will not be Packers-free, though, as Rodgers’ teammate Clay Matthews has been tabbed to contribute. And Rodgers, who was a hit with critics last year during his pregame work on NBC with its crew of Bob Costas, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison and Hines Ward, offered his pal some words of advice this week.

“I’m excited for him and his opportunity,” Rodgers said on his weekly radio show on 540 ESPN and “You know, when you get in those situations – I went in with a bunch of stats and numbers and wanted to sound really intelligent, and you kind of get in there and they’re kind of like, ‘Look, we just want you to talk about your experiences, some stories you remember and any anecdotes that are not pretty generally well known.’

“I kind of passed that on to Clay, and I think he’s going to do a great job. They’re going to help him out, put him in situations to sound smart and come off well and he has a great personality as you see on his commercials and when he does interviews. He’s going to do a great job.”

As for his own experience, Rodgers raved about working with NBC’s Dick Ebersol and Fred Gaudelli, who oversee the network’s NFL coverage, and felt his rehearsal the day before last year’s game might’ve worried NBC a bit.

“I loved it. I really enjoyed my time there,” Rodgers said. “Being able to with a guy like Bob Costas, who is a legend in TV sports, just all of the amazing things that he’s covered, and then being able to work with Hines Ward on set – we had a great time together, had a lot of segments (together). Dan Patrick, obviously Coach Dungy, Rodney (Harrison) … It was a fun day.

“The day before, we did kind of a walk through, and I think after the walk through, there was maybe a little bit of reservation from the NBC people wondering how I was going to be the following day. I remember my last words were, ‘Don’t worry about me. I’m going to be fine.’ Because the rehearsal for me… I didn’t do as well as I did on Sunday. So I made sure I got a better night sleep Saturday night and made sure I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty good about what I needed to do to come off the right was and wanted to sound intelligent and not flub any lines. Which, I really only flubbed Gronk’s name (New England tight end Rob Gronkowski, whom Rodgers mistakenly referred to as ‘Rod’) there right at the end of my time on TV.”

The clean-cut Rodgers even had a little bit of advice for his long-haired pal in the grooming department.

“I would think a slick pony tail would be how he would go, but you never know,” Rodgers said. “I don’t know if they want him to have the wild hair, but I’m going to start a rumor and say that he’s thinking about cutting his hair.”

Meanwhile, Rodgers said that there is “a good chance” that he will be in New Orleans for the game. 

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