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Jennings to NFL Network: 'It's a business'

Feb 13, 2013 -- 7:14pm
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Greg Jennings expects to leave as a free agent next month.

GREEN BAY – Soon-to-be free-agent wide receiver Greg Jennings appeared on the NFL Network show Total Access on Wednesday night, and the Green Bay Packers wide receiver certainly didn’t sound like a guy who’s holding out any hope of returning to the place where he launched his NFL career as a second-round pick in 2006.

Here’s a transcript of the interview, which Jennings did by phone:

(On if it is true he has already put his house in Green Bay up for sale) “Very true, very true. I’m one that tries to prepare and my family has to come first. I have to make sure I’m doing the things as a father and as a husband that I need to do. Everything will work itself out.”

(On if he is resigned to the fact that his days with the Packers are over, or is he holding out hope he will return to Green Bay) “It is what it is. Everyone hopes to stay where they were drafted, but the reality of it is it’s a business. So understanding that and being mindful of that, I have to stay afloat and again make sure that all of my ducks are in a row.”

(On if he would consider playing for the Minnesota Vikings) “Honestly, it’s one of those situations where like I said, it’s a business. So it’s pretty much whatever would be the right fit for myself as well as my family as far as living accommodations, that’s where we’re going to end up…Absolutely [I consider Minnesota an option]. All other 31 teams are an option when it comes to being able to have an occupation and play the game I love to play.”

(On if how he would feel reuniting with Joe Philbin in Miami) “I wouldn’t mind that at all. The weather is definitely nice, they have an up-and-coming quarterback and they definitely have a defense that’s pretty solid, and some pieces on offense that are pretty solid as well. Like I said, I’m open to all options, obviously Green Bay being one of those options as well.”

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