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A "SportsPage" sabbatical

Jan 31, 2012 -- 9:11am


MIAMI -- This was supposed to be a busy week of columns, stories, blogs, briefs, notes, videos, interviews and other goodies from Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

Unfortunately, the Packers didn't cooperate.

As the Giants and Patriots prepare to play for the Lombardi Trophy, I'm heading to the beach with my much better half. (We are on a layover right now). I'm leaving "The D-List" in the capable hands of the co-captain, Dan Needles, and erstwhile producer Matt Salmon. The SportsPage column is on hiatus during the week. I'm not sure if I'll even be able to tweet from my beach chair, but I'll find out.

Everything will be back to normal next week. In fact, when I return we are going to roll out some improvements at that I think you're going to like.

Have a great week. Enjoy the Super Bowl... or at least the commercials.



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