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Packers raise ticket prices

Feb 09, 2012 -- 5:24pm

GREEN BAY – The 2011 Green Bay Packers were well worth the price of admission – at least in the regular season, anyway – and it’ll now cost a little bit more to see the 2012 team play at Lambeau Field.

The Packers announced plans Thursday for a price hike on stadium bowl tickets for next season. The increase will range between $3 and $5, depending on location.

The ticket price hike comes after the team’s wildly successful public stock sale, as fans gobbled up the $250 shares of stock, the first 250,000 of which sold out and prompted the club to make another batch of stock certificates available.

The Packers’ season ticket waiting list currently stands at over 90,000 names.

Invoices sent to season ticketholders this week include a letter from Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy that discusses the increase.

“For the Packers, ticket revenue continues be an important component of our ability to remain financially competitive with the other 31 NFL teams,” Murphy said in the letter. “Our goal each year is to be at the league average in terms of our ticket prices. This increase maintains our position near the league average.”

Murphy also updated ticketholders on the expansion to Lambeau Field, the three-year project that features a new sound system, two new video boards, 6,700 additional seats in the south end zone, two new gates and a new concession system. The project is scheduled for completion for the 2013 season.

“Our investment in the stadium will continue to provide value to the top-rated gameday experience at Lambeau Field,” Murphy said.

Here is a breakdown of the ticket increases:

> End-zone seats (sections 100-108, 131-138, 303-312 and 340-354) will increase $3 to $72;

> Tickets from the 20‐yard line to the end zone (sections 109-114, 125-130, 314-320 and 332-338) will increase $4 to $80;

> Tickets between the 20-yard lines (sections 115-124 and 322-330) will increase $5 to $92.

> Suite tickets will increase $5 to $92. Lease rates for suites and club-seat ticket prices are set per client contracts, with invoices to be mailed in the near future.

Payment is due in the Packers’ ticket office March 30.

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