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The Protesting Knuckleheads are FINALLY Right

Apr 19, 2012 -- 10:26am

by Bill Johnson (


The line from the song goes something like this.....


"I was the star of the movie. Now, that really blew my mind, the fact that me, an overfed long-haired leaping gnome would be the star of a Hollywood movie. But there I was!"


Yep there I was.


Hardly the star of the movie, but definitely in a spot that I never dreamed of being.


Wednesday night was the premier of Last Day at Lambeau, a film by Madison native Michael Neelsen, at the Wisconsin Film Festival. I, along with others that covered the Packers during the Brett Favre mess, were interviewed for the film.


Wednesday night was the first of two sold out shows at the film festival.


I joked about being the star of the movie, but the star was Brett Favre.


Many Packer fans and Wisconsinites still cringe at the mention of old #4. His resurrection of the Packers, his MVP's, his late game heroics.... all have been forgotten (or at least pushed to the side) by Packers fans still smarting from the quarterback's messy departure. 


There were Favre supporters in the crowd, but judging by the response, most of the audience on Wednesday still had some wounds.


Then something amazing happened.


The film includes some of Brett Favre's greatest plays as a Packer. (SB 31 touchdown to Rison, TD across the field to Sharpe in the final seconds versus the Lions, Overtime game winning bomb to Jennings at Denver....)


As we watched the plays, we all knew what was going to happen. Touchdown!! Helmet comes off!! He runs around!!! He throws his receiver over his shoulder!!!


As we watched, we couldn't help but cheer.


Even though some of the plays were 20 years old, that crowd cheered as if they were watching it live.


In that moment, all the bad feeling went away.


He was back, and it felt great.


I doubt that feelings about Brett Favre will ever be what they were, but wouldn't it be great just to have him back?


Wouldn't it be great to look up in the box at Lambeau and see him at a game, maybe watching with Bart Starr or Ron Wolf?


Wouldn't it be great to see him flip the coin before a game?


Wouldn't it be great to see #4 up there with 3,5,14,15,66, and 92?


It'll never be perfect again, but what is in life?


For Favre, the Packers, and the fans, is the acrimony really worth it? What good is it doing anyone?


I think it should be Mark Murphy's only job to figure out how to get Brett Favre back into the fold. Find out what Favre needs. Find out what McCarthy and Thompson need. Do what needs to be done.


Favre is retired. He's really done now.


I finally agree with those protesting knuckleheads from the summer of 2008.


Now is the time to "Bring Back Brett."

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