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This just in... World Peace is nutzo

Apr 22, 2012 -- 4:20pm


As a fair-minded and generally impartial (read: disinterested) observer of Metta World Peace's elbow assault on Oklahoma City's James Harden this afternoon, I want to give the former Ron Artest the benefit of the doubt. I want to believe that his vicious elbow strike -- which led to an ejection and a certain suspension -- was inadvertant.

I can't.

The fact that Artest made his "slashing" gesture is no defense. It it was an accident, wouldn't he at least have looked at Harden -- or looked back to see what he hit? I know about adrenaline and being pumped up, but wouldn't you know that you just smoked somebody in the head.

If he'd hit Harden in the temple, we would be discussing more than a potential playoff suspension.

Take a look.

I think Artes... er, Mr. World Peace... is crazy. I think he should be suspended a looooong time.



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