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Finley: Taking a 'timeout' with quad injury

Aug 13, 2012 -- 3:25pm
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GREEN BAY – Jermichael Finley insists the criticism he absorbed last season doesn’t get to him, but it just might have contributed to the quadriceps injury that has him sidelined during training camp.

The Green Bay Packers tight end missed practice again Monday and ruled himself out for Thursday’s second preseason game, against Cleveland at Lambeau Field.

“I’m not playing this game for sure. But I’ll be back next week … for Cincinnati and practice also,” Finley said.

Finley, who missed the preseason opener at San Diego, hasn’t practiced since Aug. 6 and said he’s just being careful with the injury.

“I’m good. I’ve got a big year in front of me, so no setbacks,” Finley said. “I just want to come out firing the first week of the season and don’t want to think about the injury or me pulling something. Just waiting on Doc to pull the trigger.”

Finley, who also missed time at the beginning of camp with a mild concussion suffered in the first practice, said he pushed himself to hard this offseason in response to what he considered to be a disappointing 2011 season, one that included 11 dropped passes and plenty of criticism via social media.

“Coming off a season-ending (injury) two years ago, and then working out through the season, I was still grinding now. It’s just time to push the timeout and give me a full timeout,” Finley said. “It’s just maintenance, man. I’m just looking out for myself and the best thing for the team also.”

Asked if the criticism was a factor, Finley replied, “No doubt. All the dropped passes and whatnot, coming into the season, I was trying to run my routes as hard as hell, trying to catch the ball as best as possible, working out to get as big as possible and as strong as possible, so it’s myself. I’m my own enemy, man, when it comes to working out.”

In taking a timeout, Finley said he’s working with his own personal doctor, Minneapolis-based Dr. Josh Sandell, whom Finley met through Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Finley said he spends two days a week with Sandell, a chiropractor who lists Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings and ex-University of Wisconsin wide receiver Lee Evans among his clients.

“With me I need to learn how to, during the offseason, (realize that) the offseason is offseason,” Finley said. “During the offseason, I’m still going like I’m in training camp, which people don’t see. Ten I come out here in training camp and get tweaked up and whatnot, and I get questioned about workouts, why I’m not here working out. I’m like, shoot, I ain’t never in my life seen anybody holding the Lombardi Trophy in training camp.”

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