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Ranking Ted's Drafts

Apr 21, 2015 -- 8:51am




With the draft right around the corner, I thought we’d look back at Ted Thompson’s drafts since he took over in 2005. I haven’t ranked every pick, but I have ranked most of them according to a very unscientific scale.


Hits: Star players taken in the early rounds, or solid contributors taken in the later rounds

Solid: Contributors taken in the early rounds or picks that contributed for other teams

Misses: Busts or picks whose injuries kept them from any contribution


I thought it was still too early to evaluate 2014, but with HaHa, Corey Linsley, DaVante Adams and others, this class could nose its way into the top 3 or 4 next year.


So here we go, from worst to first.


9. 2012- Hits: Casey Hayward 2b, Mike Daniels 4a, 

Solid: 1 Nick Perry

Misses: 2a Jerel Worthy, 4b Jeron McMillian, 5 Terrell Manning, 7a Andrew Datko, 7b BJ Coleman

Thompson infamously took defensive players with his first six picks in 2012. Even before the injury, it was clear early that Worthy was a mistake. Their reliance on McMillian to be a starting safety cost them.


8. 2006- Hits: 2b Greg Jennings, 6a Johnny Jolly

Solid: Daryn Colledge 2a, AJ Hawk 1, Will Blackmon 4b, Dave Tollefson 7

Misses: 3a Abdul Hodge, 3b Jason Spitz, 4a Cory Rodgers, 5a Ingle Martin

Jennings was a great pick, and Jolly was a steal when he was available. This was another draft in which Thompson focused on a position group of need, the o-line. Colledge was a solid pro, but not worthy of a second round pick, Spitz couldn’t stay healthy, and Moll was just a guy. Rodgers never made it out of camp.


7. 2007- Hits: 3a James Jones, 6b Desmond Bishop, 6c Mason Crosby

Solid: Brandon Jackson 2, Korey Hall 6a, Allen Barbre 4

Misses: 1 Justin Harrell, 3b Aaron Rouse

While I always hesitate to suggest that arrogance has any factor in Ted Thompson’s decisions, you have to wonder what prompted the selection of Justin Harrell. His worst pick. In the third, Aaron Rouse lived up to his ominous scouting report “Looks like Tarzan. Plays like Jane.”


6. 2011-  Hits: Randall Cobb 2, Davon House 4

Solid: DJ Smith 6b, 7a Ryan Taylor

Misses: 1 Derek Sherrod, 3 Alex Green, 5 DJ Williams, 6a Caleb Schlauteraff, 6c Ricky Elmore

Cobb is great, and they were obviously right on House. Just too many total whiffs in 2011, Sherrod being the biggest blunder.


5. 2008- Hits: 2a Jordy Nelson, 3 Jermichael Finley, 4b Josh Sitton, 7a Matt Flynn

Solid: 5 Breno Giacomini, 

Misses- 2 Brian Brohm, 2b Pat Lee, 4a Jeremy Thompson

Four big hits in this draft, but they completely missed on two of their three second rounders and an early fourth rounder.


4- 2009- Hits: 1b Clay Matthews, 4 TJ Lang,

Solid: 1a BJ Raji, Jarius Wynn 6a, Brad Jones 7

Misses: 5a Quinn Johnson, 6b Brandon Underwood 6b

An uncharacteristic move up into the first round proved wise for Thompson with the selection of field tilter Matthews. Raji can move back into hit category with a comeback season. Lang has developed into a solid guard. 


3. 2010- Hits: Bryan Bulaga 1, Morgan Burnett 3, James Starks 6

Solid- 2 Mike Neal, 5a Andrew Quarless, 5b Marshall Newhouse, 7 CJ Wilson


Burnett and Bulaga earned their way back onto the hit list last season. No misses. Maybe less picks are better?


2. 2005- Hits: Rodgers 1st, Collins 2nd

Solid: Brady Poppinga 4b

Misses: Terrence Murphy 2b (injury), Marviel Underwood 4a, Junius Coston 5a, Mike Hawkins 5b

It’s hard not to put the Rodgers draft number one, especially with Collins taken in the second round. Just more misses than 2013. Great draft.


2013- Hits: Eddie Lacy 2, David Bahktiari 4a, 5a Micah Hyde, 7c Sam Barrington

Solid: Datone  Jones 1, JC Tretter 4, Johnathan Franklin 4c, Josh Boyd 5b, Charles Johnson 7a, 


A franchise RB, your LT for the next decade, a versatile playmaker in the secondary with return skills, and a starting caliber ILB. Jones can move up with continued solid performance. No misses.


Well, there it is. Let me know what you think.

Mock Draft Volume III

Mar 31, 2015 -- 9:02am



First round: 30th overall selection-  Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest- Sticking to my guns on this one. Players drop every year, and Johnson doesn’t need to drop far to fall to GB at 30.

Second round: 62nd overall selection-  Stephone Anthony ILB Clemson- Sticking with this one too. ILB is still an undervalued spot with many GMs. Anthony will drop and be a value.

Third round: 94th overall selection- Ramik Wilson ILB Georgia- Faster and stronger than Jones. Struggles getting off blocks, but makes plays

Fourth round: 129th overall selection- Stephen Nelson CB Oregon St- A need and a nice value pick in the fourth. A stout corner, will make a decent slot guy early in his career with a chance to develop into and edge guy.

Fifth round: 166th overall selection- MyCole Pruitt TE Southern Illinois- Pruitt makes his triumphant return to the list. At pick 166, the Packers won’t be able to ignore his speed in the seam.

Sixth round: 205th overall selection-  Kyle Emanuel OLB- North Dakota St.- Another return to the mock. Hard worker that should at least be a good special teamer.

Sixth round: 210th overall selection*- Louis Trinka-Pasat DT Iowa- Feels like a poor man’s Mike Daniels. Wrestler build. Great quickness for his size. Not as strong as Daniels.

Sixth round: 213th overall selection*- Titus Davis WR Central Michigan- Decent size and good speed. A nice value if he makes it to pick 213.

Seventh round: 247th overall selection- Josh Robinson RB- Mississippi- A fire hydrant at 5’8” 217 lbs, Robinson’s best trait is his pass catching ability. He’ll need work on his blocking, but has a good body for it.

Number 52....Defense...He's Down There Givin Him the Business!

Mar 27, 2015 -- 12:40pm



To those of you that were listening to Green and Gold Today earlier this week, my theory on modernizing officiating may have been a bit radical. Basically, my idea was to take all of the officials that call penalties off the field, leaving four or five bouncers to break up fights. In hind sight, that may have been a tad extreme.


How's this for a compromise: Put the referee in the booth.


Leave the rest of the officials on the field. Let the referee oversee from the booth, with full access to all of the state of the art technology available.


This would immediately speed up replays. No more walking to the hood. conversations with the replay official can happen immediately. 


This would allow the official to correct calls that are missed. When Michael Bennett is offsides and the field officials miss the call, the referee could catch it. He would be in communication with at least one of the field official, so the process would take no longer than it would if it were called on the field. No replay needed. Just call down and say “That guy was offsides.” This would allow the officials to be near 100% on offsides/motion calls. 


I can hear the haters already. “They’re just going to call holding on every play.” Of course, I have a solution. Refine the rules on holding to reflect what the game really is now, not what it was in the 1960’s. Tacking a defender would still be illegal, as grabbing a defender that’s already gotten by would be too. However, if one of those infractions does take place and is missed, the referee can call it from the booth.


With the referee in the booth and still able to call penalties, the process shouldn’t take any longer than it currently does and in many cases it should be faster. I would put a one minute limit on every replay. This would be in the original spirit of the rule, correcting obvious mistakes like Rice’s fumble vs Green Bay in the 1998 playoffs.


The referee can still announce all the penalties to the crowd. At least now, the refs mic should always work.


My whole point is this. If we have the ability to get it right, why don’t we?

Bill's 2015 Seven Round Packers Mock Draft Volume II

Mar 25, 2015 -- 11:38am

Yes, I can still write. Instead of giving a dozen lame excuses as to why I haven't updated this blog since August, why don't I just update it, hmm?

I have always been a draft enthusiast. I liked it better when it was a Saturday Sunday thing, but progress always triumphs.

Anyway, you may have noticed this is volume II. Volume one was a Twitter release. That projection was based mostly on prospect rankings. Further research determined that some of the picks were unrealistic. Not one expert has PJ Williams in the first round. That must mean something, even though I really think the guy can play. Many of you have expressed interest in Miami ILB Denzel Perryman. That's a tricky one because on my board, he's a mid 2nd rounder. Picking him in the first round would be a reach and I don't believe he'll be around at the end of the second. Thus volume II is completely different than volume I.

So without further ado, Here it is:

First round: 30th overall selection-  Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest

Second round: 62nd overall selection-  Stephone Anthony ILB Clemson

Third round: 94th overall selection- Taiwan Jones ILB Michigan State

Fourth round: 129th overall selection- Nick O’Leary TE Florida State

Fifth round: 166th overall selection- Ladarius Gunter CB Miami

Sixth round: 205th overall selection- Chaz Green OT Florida

Sixth round: 210th overall selection*- Jordan Hicks OLB Texas

Sixth round: 212th overall selection*- Sean Mannion QB Oregon State

Seventh round: 247th overall selection- Devin Gardner WR Michigan

Let me know what you think.


Once Again, Sorry San Diego!

Sep 02, 2014 -- 3:24pm



A tradition like no other, yes friends it's my annual NFL full season prediction.


Basically, I pick every regular season game and the playoffs which leads me to my predicted Super Bowl champ. I don't do much research into each game. I don't know what injuries will have done to each team by the time the game is played. It's just a feeling. Some of my predictions end up pretty close, and some end up way off base. I enjoy it every year and I hope you do too.


Without further ado….


NFC EAST: (4) Eagles 8-8, Washington 4-12, Giants 4-12, Cowboys 3-13


I'm not crazy about how this division turned out. I don't think they can really be this bad, but I do think the Eagles will be the only playoff team.


NFC NORTH: (3) Packers 11-5, Lions 10-6, Bears 6-10, Vikings 4-12


This is a little more realistic. The Lions could surprise and squeeze into a playoff spot. I really like Caldwell.


NFC SOUTH: (2) Saints 12-4, (5) Falcons 12-4, Panthers 10-6, Buccs 7-9


I really see a big bounce back for Atlanta is they're healthy. They really screwed up last year's prediction.


NFC WEST: (1) Cardinals 12-4, (6) Seahawks 11-5, 49ers 11-5, Rams 3-13


Niners miss the playoffs on head to head tie breaker after losing twice to Seattle. Harbaugh resigns after the season to take over at the University of Florida.


AFC EAST: (2) Patriots 13-3, (5) Dolphins 12-4, Bills 4-12, Jets 3-13


Big year for the Dolphins but in the end, the Patriots are still the Patriots.


AFC CENTRAL: (4) Bengals 11-5, Browns 8-8, Steelers 6-10, Ravens 5-11


The Dalton Era Who Deys with their usual season, or is it???


AFC SOUTH: (1) Colts 15-1, (6) Texans 12-4, Jaguars 9-7, Titans 4-12


The Luck Era begins in earnest. If Bradley stays, the Jags may contend as early as 2015.


AFC WEST: (3) Chiefs 12-4, Broncos 9-7, Raiders 4-12, Chargers 2-14


I always pick the Chargers to be awful and I'm always wrong. I don't really know why. I don't dislike them. Oh well, sorry Ron Burgandy. Meanwhile, the Broncos fail to overcome the Super Bowl hangover.


NFC WILD CARD: (3) Packers over (6) Seahawks, (5) Falcons over (4) Eagles


The January chill and Eddie Lacy prove too much for the champs. Falcons walk over weak Eagles in Philly.


AFC WILD CARD: (5) Dolphins over (3) Bengals, (3) Chiefs over (6) Texans


Yep, same old Dalton Era Who Deys. Not really his fault, but he'll get blamed. Arrowhead in January unfriendly to the indoor/warm weather Texans. Sorry JJ.


NFC DIVISIONAL: (3) Packers over (2) Saints, (5) Falcons over (1) Cardinals


Homer always says Aaron Rodgers is the best indoor turf QB and he proves it at the Dome. The Arizona heat proves the perfect environment for the Falcons high powered offense.


AFC DIVISIONAL: (2) Patriots over (3) Chiefs, (1) Colts over (5) Dolphins


Chiefs not ready to win in Foxboro quite yet. Luck looking like MVP in trouncing of Dolphins.


NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: (3) Packers over (5) Falcons


The transition from 80 degree Phoenix to 10 degree Green Bay too much for the resurgent Falcons.


AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: (1) Colts over (2) Patriots


Brady doesn't go down easy, but a pick in the final minute seals the deal for Indy.




One of the great Super Bowls of all time featuring two quarterbacks that will be among the leagues best for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, an improved Packers defense that has been good enough to get them here can't stop Luck and the Colts when they need to. Luck's TD pass to TY Hilton with 38 seconds left proves to be the game winner. 


Final score: Colts 31 Packers 28



I'm interested in your thoughts and predictions. Email me at, tweet me at bjohnson613, and listen to Green and Gold Today weekdays at 9 am Central with me and Jason Wilde on

Agree With Us Or Else..

Jul 30, 2014 -- 10:34am



Domestic violence is a horrible thing. Violence against women is a horrible thing. Both should be vigorously discouraged, both by law and by employers, including our professional sports leagues.


With that, in the United States of America, there is no room for the mob to rule. There is no room for lynch mobs. There is no room for vigilante justice.


Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was given a two game suspension by the NFL this week, and reaction was swift and severe. Angry talk show hosts, angry women, angry Cleveland Browns fans. Everyone was angry.


As angry as they were at the NFL, they were more angry at anyone that didn't completely agree with their point of view.


Domestic violence is a horrible thing. Violence against women is a horrible thing. Both should be vigorously discouraged, both by law and by employers, including our professional sports leagues.


With that, I can understand why the NFL did what it did.


I don't know every detail in this case. Neither do you. We shouldn't know every detail. Law enforcement should. The court should. The attorneys should. I believe they do.


With all of the details available, law enforcement, the court, and the attorneys decided to put Rice in a pretrial diversion program. It's a one year counseling program. If Rice completes it the charges against him will be dismissed. The arrest will remain on his record without conviction.


The details of the case convinced the court and the lawyers to go this direction.


What does this say?


Is Rice being given special treatment because he is a star athlete? I don't know that that really happens these days, but I especially don't think it happens in domestic violence. I think there's more of a chance that a prominent celebrity would be made an example of.


In this case, the prosecutor and the court decided that the details of the case dictated that Rice be given an opportunity through the diversion program to avoid conviction.


What can we surmise from this?


We can jump to a bunch of conclusions, depending on our own opinions. The one thing that we can all agree on is that this isn't an open and shut case. It sounds like there were, and still are, many questions as to what happened that night. After reviewing the evidence, the prosecution and the court decided that even though none of us will forget seeing the video of Ray Rice dragging Janay Palmer out of that elevator, the case was NOT JUST THAT.


Enter Roger Goodell, who I'm assuming is also one of the parties that knows all of the details of the case. In the past, Goodell's rulings have usually been considered tougher on players than those of previous commissioners. Goodell and his staff reviewed the evidence and decided that Ray Rice should be suspended for the first two games. (As it works out, the Ravens first two games are against AFC North opponents, though I don't think that was taken into consideration.)


In comparison, Goodell's punishment of Rice is much harsher than the punishment he received from the courts, yet after the suspension was announced, all Hell broke loose. 


It sounds to me like most of the outrage is coming from a poor comparison. Fans and media members are looking at some of the suspensions given out to players for use of recreational drugs and banned PEDs. Because the suspensions for those offenses are longer, the assumption is being made that the league regards those offenses as more serious than violence against women. This view is presumptuous and dangerous.


If a player is suspended for four games for use of recreational drugs, it is already at least that players second offense. After a first offense, players are entered into the league's Substance Abuse program without any public acknowledgment or suspension. Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon both face indefinite suspension, but after multiple violations and infractions. 


Violence against women is much worse than recreational drug use, but comparing a first time offender with a clean past to players that have violated league policy on numerous occasions isn't fair.


I believe that Roger Goodell's handling of the Ray Rice situation reflects the complicated nature of this specific case. 


Was the league's two game suspension of Rice without pay to lenient? Not according to Roger Goodell, or the courts, or the prosecuting attorney. 


I'd ask Goodell's critic's, what suspension would have been appropriate for Ray Rice? 4 games? 8? Life?


To answer the unfair question that will inevitably be asked: No, I do not condone violence against women. Only a monster would and I am not a monster. 


I also don't condone group think. "You're either with us or against us." It's not that easy, especially in a case like this.


From the sound of things this week this was the choice: "Either you agree with all of us that the NFL's two game suspension of Ray Rice was too lenient, or you hate women."


I have to believe there has to be some middle ground. It sure didn't sound that way.

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