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Tuesdays With Wilde: Tim Masthay

Our weekly off-the-field conversation series continues this week with punter Tim Masthay, who talks about Aaron Rodgers' nickname for him, his inconspicuous car choice and what it'd be like to live to 103.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Scott Wells

We sit down for our weekly conversation with veteran center Scott Wells, who talks about playing zone defense on his three kids with wife Julie, how anger fueled him last season and why spending Thanksgiving at Chad Clifton's house was a mistake.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Tom Crabtree

Our usual Tuesday feature returns with a chat with first-year tight end Tom Crabtree, who discusses his old headbanger looks, fatherhood, his tattoos and his Twitter feed, among other off-the-field topics.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Bryan Bulaga

This week, it’s rookie first-round draft pick Bryan Bulaga, who talks about his American Idol obsession, his recruitment by the University of Wisconsin, and his high-falutin’ culinary tastes.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Jordy Nelson

Our second season continues with wide receiver/kick returner Jordy Nelson, who talks about being a dad, marrying his high-school sweetheart and his ESPN addiction. (He also just might be the Packers’ emergency third quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn, but he – and we – will never tell.)

Tuesdays With Wilde: Frank Zombo

For our first edition of our second season, it’s undrafted rookie free agent linebacker Frank Zombo, who’s $7,500 lighter in his wallet but might be able to make that money back if he sells his dad’s spaghetti sauce recipe.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Brad Jones

Our popular weekly segment returns with the rookie outside linebacker, who talks about his new job as a starter, his study of astrophysics at the University of Colorado and his ability to play the viola, among other topics.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Cullen Jenkins

The Packers veteran defensive end joins us for our weekly installment of off-the-field chit-chat.

Tuesdays with Wilde: Matt Flynn

In our weekly get-to-know-you session, we sit down with Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Ryan Grant

The Packers running back is this week's victim in our regular Tuesday get-to-know-you feature.

Tuesdays with Wilde: Clay Matthews

The Packers rookie linebacker steps into the arena for our weekly get-to-know-you session.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Charles Woodson

The Packers veteran cornerback shares his thoughts on a variety of subjects in our weekly off-the-field sit-down.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Tramon Williams

The Packers' nickel cornerback -- and 12th starter on defense -- sits down for this week's off-the-field chat.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Greg Jennings

Our latest Tuesday chat is with the Packers wide receiver, who talks about his pregame rituals, family life and much more.

Tuesdays With Wilde: A.J. Hawk

The Packers linebacker shares his thoughts on a wide range of off-the-field topics.

Tuesdays With Wilde: Aaron Rodgers

Given the popularity of our "Tuesdays With Wilde" feature, we thought we'd make it easier to find. Here's our chat with Aaron Rodgers from earlier this week.

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